The professionals at Core Concept Developments understand the clients’ perspectives on a project-to-project basis and the processes that define the specific objectives.

The team working for Core Concept Developments has over 30 years of combined experience in the real estate development and construction industry to serve you better.


Kevin Anjos


In Spring 2021, Kevin Anjos joined forces with Ian Webb to established Core Concept Developments Inc. to acquire land to suit the unique needs of their customers. In 2014, Kevin created Pure Build Construction Ltd. and as a general contractor and independent builder, Kevin has collaborated with teams of subcontractors to build custom homes throughout the Okanagan Valley. The care and attention to detail in every home are completely authentic and genuine to each home owners' desires. It is these touches that make a house a home.

As a licensed, residential builder, Kevin prides himself on ensuring the industry standards are followed and energy efficiencies are a top priority in all his builds. Kevin is truly passionate about working to exceed industry standards and provide exceptional homes on time and on budget.

Before joining the construction field, Kevin served as a Red Seal Chef in the Culinary Arts for a decade. His artistic talents for creating incredibly delicious amuse-bouche had his customers returning night after night for mouthwatering dishes. Working with celebrity chefs to fine-tune his craft, Kevin truly excelled in the food industry. In 2005, Kevin, with the support of his wife and family, shifted trades, taking his leadership and aptitude for creating works of art from the kitchen to becoming a journeyman carpenter creating long-lasting designs. Over the last 16 years, Kevin has dedicated his time and energy to build strong relationships with fellow industry leaders and celebrate each and every one of his homes.


Ian Webb


Ian Webb is responsible for defining the company’s vision and goals, setting its strategy and ensuring the team’s execution matches corporate objectives. He co-founded Core Concept Developments Inc. and as its Director, has direct involvement in managing the success of the company. His underlying philosophy is as follows:

“If we can't do things that add value to our world and help people, we have fallen short of our Mission."

Ian’s management of the company works to insure its growth and development. He believes the process of buying a home with Core Concept Developments should be respectful, fair, and consistent. In the spirit of building trust and positively impacting the lives of those who place trust in Core Concept Developments, our home offers are thoughtfully planned and carefully considered.

For the past 10 years, Ian has proven his track record in professional real estate investment and development. He has a wide range of expertise including a background in small business development, entrepreneurship, and counselling. Ian’s win/win approach is exemplified by his belief that there is no greater purpose than service to others. It is not only important to achieve outcomes of true monetary value, but to always engage that process with sincere and authentic service. Through clear and consistent communication, Ian has dedicated his life to adding value wherever he can.


Ryan Mayne

Sales Representative

With an incredibly analytical mindset and an eye for numbers, Ryan has found a real niche in real estate development and commercial real estate. He is a second-generation realtor and prides himself on his incredible work ethic, his honesty, and integrity. His dedication to his clients is unparalleled, and he has built fantastic working relationships with his clients and peers.